Product Design

TAQE is an HR platform, only available in Brazil, created to connect companies and job candidates. Aimed at entry-level roles, the interface combines elements of gamification and behavioural economics designed to guide the candidates through training courses, skills mapping exercises and personality traits tests.

Involved from day one as a UX consultant, I got invited to help shape the vision of the product. My job was to focus on the user needs and to align it with the business goals and market opportunities. During the concept and development phases, I worked alongside the investors and stakeholders.

The experience was designed to guide candidates through the process, collecting data and increasing personalisation along the way. The overall flow has five stages:

For each stage, we've looked at the balance between effort and reward, considering the time spent, complexity and relevance for the candidates. The output was a matrix detailing each step along the journey.

The application makes use of games and interactive tests to match candidates and companies. During the process, traits such as personality, skills and areas of interest get mapped, creating a personal scorecard.

Since the launch in April 2019, the platform achieved:

+690k candidates
+4.5M matches
+415k job applications

Supported by a multi-disciplinary team, we illustrated the primary journeys and sharpened it with the help of the stakeholders. The final deliverable was a fully functioning prototype for both, the HR and Candidate views.