Nike Teen

Launch a new destination and evolve the brand.

I set the creative vision, managed the pitch response to Nike, and, after securing the business, oversaw the day-to-day Product Design execution.

Sport participation significantly declines during puberty, but puberty isn't the core issue for teenage girls. Rather, it's the surrounding system that fails to provide the necessary support during this transitional phase.

She is dropping out of sport up to 2x the rate of boys.

Sport is still gendered in her playgrounds, her PE lessons and in society at large. She feels self-conscious moving as her body changes.

A destination where teens come for the sport, and stay for each other.

Sport has the ability to give her confidence, comfort, and connection as she navigates the messy years of coming of age. 

The kit to feel comfortable and confident.
The role models.
The visibility.
The pathways to a world of sport that she can explore and express.
The tools to play with style as she finds her own.

A set of principles to guide us.

Be all about her.

Lead into product, don’t start with product. Bring everything back to pop culture, or she won’t care.

Be a source of confidence.

No body talk - let’s focus on the doing not the looking. We normalise hot and sweaty; big and small.

Be light and fun.

No pressure (life is hard enough) but don’t shy away from the tough conversations and very real barriers.

Be her version of sport.

We talk about sport in its loosest sense - an infinite and messy universe of play. There’s no pressure to find one true passion or perfect it, experimentation is the goal.

Be equitable.

About the definitions of sport (broad), who can play (everyone) and where they can do it (anywhere).

For the Business.

Big commercial opportunity.
Success measured by increased traffic to Teens product walls, plus increased conversion metrics.

For the Brand.

A brand on their level.
Success measured by increased content views and engagement, on site and socials, plus brand lift studies, specifically with teens.

For the Community.

Addressing the drop out.
Success measured by increased teen participation in SCI and city partnership programs, plus increased engagement from trained coaches and empowered leaders.


André Figueiredo — Over 20 years of experience creating and executing ideas between design and technology — Currently working as Creative Director at R/GA, I lead product design teams for Nike, Playstation and IKEA.