NBK Personal Finance

Elevate the online banking experience.

I was responsible for managing the work done by the Product Design and Research teams. From the early stages, I became actively involved in the craft of the experience.

Working with NBK, we’ve created a compelling experience to bring Personal Finance Management features to their customers.


Customers will be able to categorise their spend based on existing categories and subcategories. Customers will also be able to split a transaction across multiple categories (split the bill).


Customers can analyse their spend based on a variety of different categorisations to include; account(s), time period, category, spending target status. There will be sections to allow for overview, category details, target setting and status, and consideration for spending notification is required.


Integration of e-Saver functions within PFM to enable customers to save based on a goal and include power-ups such as saving the change, instant saver, and auto saver. Customers can set a goal and then monitor through status screens and via notifications.


André Figueiredo — Over 20 years of experience creating and executing ideas between design and technology — Currently working as Creative Director at R/GA, I lead product design teams for Nike, Playstation and IKEA.