IKEA Family

Rethink the experience and evolve the design system.

I led the creative vision and design output, managed the day-to-day Product Design activities, and facilitated stakeholder alignment.

IKEA family has been overlooked for some time, and customers felt the program was irrelevant to the overall experience.

The program failed to promote ongoing relationships with customers and deliver personalisation. In the end, members were there only for the discounts.

Our goal was to develop actionable, near and incremental steps to increase the relevance of the IKEA Family and drive the mission and ambitions of customer experience forward. 

Grounded in reality.
Focus on engagement.
Beyond home furnishing.

We’ve identified four focus areas and listed the impacted features on the top-level user journey.

Reward Keys and Membership.

IKEA Family, the customer’s way. Create a more adaptive and convenient reward keys experience for IKEA Family members that drives more active memberships.  

Connector of Services.

IKEA Family will provide a single customer reward experience that is seamlessly connecting customers with a growing set of 1st and 3rd party services.

Workspace for Ideas.

IKEA will enable customers to dream, plan, ideate, and execute their home projects through a simple, rewarding, and cohesive IKEA Family experience.

Drive of Omni-channel.

IKEA Family is understood by customers as the enhancing factor in an in-store experience: before, during, and after.

The new IKEA Famly Hub provides an easy way to retrieve previously saved items. The expanded section can be ordered by recent activity. For first-time use, the remaining rail items can suggest other tools and services the customer may find valuable.

A home to discover and access all the benefits included with membership.

As the customer engages with more content over time, the Hub adapts to reflect this. The result is a personalised home for all of the user’s interactions.

Leading with Benefits.

Rewards and benefits are immediately recognisable as perks of having an account. Discounted products and freebies create the feeling of extras and value, so we lead with this section first to encourage the customer to keep exploring. 

We’ve redesigned features across all areas of the web, app and in-store experience, bringing the new purpose to life.


André Figueiredo — Over 20 years of experience creating and executing ideas between design and technology — Currently working as Creative Director at R/GA, I lead product design teams for Nike, Playstation and IKEA.