Digital Design System

In 2019, Esprit gave us a challenge - To translate the new brand identity into a digital system that could serve the complete ecosystem, designing for a myriad of customer needs, bringing the Esprit’s unique brand purpose to life and ensuring scalability to a variety of touchpoints.

My responsibilities included leading the Experience and Visual Design teams, from casting to creative direction and hands-on interaction design.

First, we've created an authentic design device based on their current logo — an atom to carry the brand across multiple elements of the digital ecosystem.

Second, a joyful motion design pattern to support personalisation and elevate the experience.

And finally, an interaction framework that makes the experience effortless and accessible for the users, based on three pillars:

Facilitate product browsing
Allow users to get immersed
Provide contextual support

The work was presented during a pitch process and cemented the existing relationship with the company as a Service Design partner.