Product Design & Service Design

Supplying energy to more than 4 million customers in the UK, E.ON is one of the biggest companies in the industry.

For 18 months, I combined the roles of Head of Experience Design and Experience Creative Director, managing the Experience and Visual Design teams, and helping set the vision for the digital ecosystem. During this period, we had three primary objectives:

Support channel shift, reduce the cost to serve, and enhance the customer experience.

First, we embarked on a period of stakeholder immersion and onboarding to understand the current opportunities and obstacles, as well as create a sense of excitement, about what a new and improved digital ecosystem could drive for E.ON UK.

Following a Service Design approach, we've mapped the end-to-end experience and identified 21 core user journeys for residential and business customers, including; 

Acquisition, Renewal, Make Payment, Request Smart Meter, Move Home and Manage Direct Debit.

To map and document the journeys, we combined the UX & UI teams, with Analytics and Strategy. The process was organised in sprints, and every week a new journey was mapped by the team, giving us an in-depth understanding of the current situation and possible improvements.

Through a prioritisation exercise with key stakeholders, we've developed an optimisation roadmap for each journey following five macro steps:

Evaluate, Plan, Design & Prototype, Test and Launch

During the process, we’ve created a series of hi-fidelity prototypes to illustrate our recommendations. This process facilitated user tests, stakeholder validation and guided the developers.

To enable efficiency in development and consistency across the experience, we also developed a Digital Design System providing all the components needed to optimise the main areas of the experience.

In total, we've designed over 80 components with a defined purpose, and variations for each scenario that can be used by the UK and Global websites team. After rolling out the updated journeys with the new components, we proved the business case.

37% ↑

Online tasks

81% ↑

Gave their meter readings online rather than by the phone, improving the cost to serve and supporting channel shift.

20% ↑

Meter reading bookings