Deloitte Tax & Legal

Product Design

Deloitte Tax & Legal is embarking on a journey to transform their business, starting with the creation of an enterprise technology platform that will be the foundation of a suite of digital tools and resources.

My role was to lead the Experience, Verbal and Visual Designers, as well as, supporting the Strategy and Tech teams.

We got invited by Deloitte to set a vision for a peerless digital experience, re-imagining how tax and legal professionals interact with their customers and setting new standards in the industry.

At the beginning of the process, we looked at the companies’ offering and identified the user types, their needs, pain points and opportunities. We then defined the role of the platform for user type.

The next step was to breakdown the responsibilities of each user based on our vision for the platform.

Every organisation’s differing tax situations means real human expertise will continue to have a part. Combined with automation, Deloitte practitioners will spend less time with ordinary tasks and focus on the relationship and added value work.

The visual and verbal guidelines followed the Deloitte brand book with a few updates specific to the channel. Still, the interaction framework and the experience guidelines got developed further by our team. In the end, we landed at four key experience principles:

Frictionless, Empathetic, Proactive and Personalised

At the beginning of the process, users start by creating a new project and inviting team members and clients to join.

The invites trigger the creation of passports, granting access at the right level, reflecting the permissions and features available.

After setting up the project and getting the team on board, Deloitte practitioners can start requesting documents, or schedules, from the client. Every request starts a new workstream allowing for tracking and possible updates to the documents.

At this stage, the interface follows a task list approach and enables the parties involved to see the progress of each schedule. The interface separates ongoing and completed tasks, feeding the overall completion of the project.

Throughout the process, clients can request information back from Deloitte following a structured search, automating the production of reports and making the process more efficient.

A digital assistant is also available 24/7 to help with common requests and can connect with a specialist if needed.

The reviewing and approval processes also got incorporated into the platform as part of the application.